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Wow, wow, wow…can you only imagine the experiences of the olympic athletes and the emotions they must endure? As a sports therapist Los Angeles, I must say that the Olympics have done a beautiful job introducing our athletes as REAL people, the commercials have spoken about GREATNESS being in whatever it is your doing, they have connected us to the gratitude that these athletes have for those who have supported and believed in them. Celebrating moments of happiness can bring a smile to our face, chills up our spine, and tears in our eyes. Stories of hope, the parents sharing their fondest memories and dedicated belief in their child. To watch the parents share about the pride they feel for their child. The athlete looking for a parent in the audience to share their greatest accomplishment ever is an incredible moment to watch and be a part of. So overcome with emotions…

But then it can all change in the blink of an eye. The pain in their eyes, the grief in their souls, the unbearable disappointment and shame the athletes are left to deal with when it doesn’t go right. Sitting with the camera as close up to the athlete’s face as possible, trying to catch every expression, every potential tear that may or may not fall from their eyes. Trying to shield themselves from the world yet being more exposed than imaginable. Suddenly the athlete has never felt so alone and wants nothing more than to disappear. So overcome with emotions….

Remember, it’s just a moment. A moment that can push you to work harder, hold on your to dreams, or shatter your world. The athlete must gain their composure, regain their confidence, and move to the next event. This is a lesson for those of us living our lives on a much “smaller” scale. Successes are amazing and disappointments are inevitable. One day the lights can go out and the hope can be depleted, but the next hour or the next day the event results in a score that erases that shame, disappointment, and pain. But you must embrace and stay mindful within each moment to embrace the moment that lies ahead. Let the lessons of these Olympics remind us of the importance of having healthy tools to navigate the struggles and embrace the joys that we create and that life brings. To be overcome with emotions is simply truly living in the moment. And every moment is simply that, a moment…

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