Author of EATING DISORDERS: Decode The Controlled Chaos

Erica Ives, M.A., MFT, CEDS is the author  of Eating Disorders: Decode the Controlled Chaos Erica Ives Author of EATING DISORDERS: Decode the Controlled Chaos

“This is the time in my career that I am ready to teach others in the capacity of being an author and speaking as a psychological expert in many platforms. Writing a book is providing a much larger forum to reach others. I want to impart information to those who are willing to seek it out, educate those who want to increase their understanding of all aspects of eating disorders, as well as to encourage all to be a part of decreasing this epidemic. I hope to be an inspiration to others not only by sharing my story, but also the stories of others, and to provide hope and courage to those who are suffering from eating disorders and addiction. This topic needs to continually be addressed and any new material made available at any time provides an opportunity to bring it to the forefront.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Eating Disorders- Decode the Controlled Chaos provides the information to gain a deeper understanding of the severe epidemic of eating disorders. As treatment professionals, teachers, parents, siblings, and friends, we have a responsibility to one another, our society, and the generations to follow, to become knowledgeable and more willing to talk about this silent killer.  It is time for us all to gain awareness and choose to do something differently before it is too late. WE need to work together to gain more insight to provide more prevention and share what WE are learning with the next individual who is willing to listen. Let’s choose to become united to help create freedom from the prison of eating disorders.

While there are many books that provide education on the topic of eating disorders, Eating Disorders: Decode the Controlled Chaos is written by an author who has been through the struggles being written about and come out of it in recovery. This book is written in a comprehensible manner that makes it available for reading to anybody including parents, those suffering from an eating disorder, any individual who wants to become more educated on this topic, mental health professionals, medical professionals, registered dietitians and nutritionists, school teachers, and undergraduate and graduate students. Decode the Controlled Chaos also provides case examples throughout the book to enhance the reader’s experience and understanding.

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