Mindful Mommies

Join Mindful Mommies to establish connections, create lasting friendships and embrace the support you deserve. Mindful Mommies provides guidance to expectant, new, and seasoned moms. Each group is facilitated by an experienced therapist and focuses on Mommies; their wisdom, experience, and challenges. Mindful Mommies is unique in that it provides a warm & safe environment with opportunity to host sessions within the comfort of one’s own home.

Expectant Mommies- For some, pregnancy is an exciting time, for other’s it is incredibly difficult, and for most, it is somewhere in between. Join, share and gain comfort in knowing that other woman experience similar thoughts and feelings.

New Mommies (Newborn – Crawling)- Adjusting to life as a new Mommy is one of the biggest transitions most women will endure in their entire lifetime. It is full of moments of wonder, desperation, joy and exhaustion. Join and share to discuss the wonders and woes of “Mommy hood” and to connect with other Mommy’s dealing with similar issues.

Seasoned Mommies (Walking – Elementary)- What happens when your sweet bundle of joy turns into a walking, running buddle of energy and emotions? Join and share to discuss the transitions from toddlerhood to “big kid” in a safe and supportive environment. We focus so much of our efforts on our children; learn how to re-integrate balance back into your life.

  • Groups run in 8-week sessions and are one hour long. Each group member has the opportunity to host the group in the comfort of his or her own home. Initial group will be held at Mindful Path, Inc. in Calabasas.
  • Mindful Mommies are closed groups. A new member can join only before the start of the next session.
  • Most mommies come alone. This is an opportunity for group members to discuss topics and share vulnerable feelings that they may not be able to do in front of anyone else (especially their children.) However; if feeding or lack of childcare is a concern, infants are welcome.