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Recovery and healthy relationships

RECOVERY and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS | Gifts of Eating Disorder Recovery

The gifts of eating disorder recovery are immense and incredible. In our other two posts on the topic of recovery, we focused on the meaning of GIFTS OF EATING DISORDER RECOVERY and Physical Freedom as a Gift of Eating Disorder Recovery. Eating disorder recovery in regards to relationships can mean the relationship to food, relationship to […]

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Eating Disorders and Apps

Eating Disorders and Apps-Toxic or Healthy Relationship | Recovery Expert

Eating Disorders and Apps-Toxic or Healthy Relationship| Recovery Expert Who knew that eating disorders and apps would be in the same sentence? I don’t know that anyone knew, but what I do know is that eating disorders are insidious. They will use whatever vices are available to make sure the sufferer is obedient and makes […]

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Look below what you may actually see

Hidden Secrets that Promote & Glorify Eating Disorders | Eating Disorder Treatment Calabasas

Erica Ives, MFT, CEDS and founder of Mindfulpath, Inc. in Calabasas needs YOUR help to expose these deadly dangers and help you with Eating Disorder Treatment Calabasas Have you ever heard of this secret language known as “Pro-Ana” or “Pro-Mia” that has been continually emerging on the Internet?  Well, It is time to further expose […]

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Breathe you are alive

Self-care and a mindful breath-inhale then exhale

Calabasas Psychotherapy – Self-care and a mindful breath- inhale then exhale   Self-care simply starts by taking a mindful breath, inhale then exhale. While this may sound like a cliché, it is true. It is not only true, it is simple. Yes, simple. With every breath, you are making a mindful decision that you want to live. Making a decision […]

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