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gifts of eating disorder recovery


Emotional gifts of eating disorder recovery, and truly recovery from any type of addiction, may be a strange concept to think of so let me elaborate. When locked in an eating disorder or other addiction, one is partially using food, drugs, substances, alcohol, excessive shopping, gambling, internet, social media and the list goes on, to […]

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freedom in eating disorder recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery-Physical Freedom | E.Ives, MFT

 PHYSICAL FREEDOM IN EATING DISORDER RECOVERY Physical freedom as one of the many gifts of eating disorder recovery, are usually the most difficult ones to embrace. In early recovery it often feels more like physical punishment than physical freedom. Having to experience the physical discomfort of one’s changing body can be agonizing. Then on top […]

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Breathe you are alive

Self-care and a mindful breath-inhale then exhale

Calabasas Psychotherapy – Self-care and a mindful breath- inhale then exhale   Self-care simply starts by taking a mindful breath, inhale then exhale. While this may sound like a cliché, it is true. It is not only true, it is simple. Yes, simple. With every breath, you are making a mindful decision that you want to live. Making a decision […]

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