Holotropic breathwork

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Experience the facilitation of a Breathwork class as a one- on- one therapeutic Breathwork session or in a group setting.  Our practitioner, Rachel, gained her understanding and experience of Holotropic Breathwork, to create a unique, therapeutic- style of Breathwork. 


This modality offers many benefits to the well being and mental/spiritual health of those who practice it.  The process is a powerful way to process the emotional build-up that occurs from the daily stress of life as well as emotions suppressed for years.  This process also helps to take oneself out of the never-ending chatter in our heads, which can be described as the egoic mind.  The process can bring one out of the egoic state and into a state of present moment awareness and connection to your deeper or higher self.  Music specially picked along with living drumming helps to facilitate and deepen the process.

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