Natalie Van Beek MS, RDN

Natalie takes an “all foods fit, and no food is off-limits” approach when it comes to nutrition. Food is an extremely personalized relationship for each individual, and can often times bring up a wide range of feelings and emotions. Natalie’s compassionate, empathetic, and individualized approach to nutrition counseling aims to help clients repair what can be a broken or skewed relationship with food. She knows that it is imperative to work with clients to reconnect the mind and body, creating manageable and sustainable nutrition goals that last a lifetime.

Natalie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

from Dominican University, as well as her Masters in Nutrition. After being accepted into Dominican’s Didactic Program, Natalie completed her dietetic internship, with a focus on clinical practice, community health, and food service.


Spanning her career, Natalie has worked in numerous settings with a variety of individuals across the age span. While Natalie specializes in eating disorders, she has also provided nutrition therapy to those struggling with a wide range of conditions including, but not limited to: diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, food allergies and intolerance, as well as weight management. Natalie is passionate about working in collaboration with a client’s entire treatment team in order to optimize the benefits one can gain as they work on their health and well-being. Working together with the entire Mindfulpath team, Natalie is able to help bring together mind and body with an emphasis on creating a healthy relationship with food, overall nutrition, and physical self.


In her spare time, Natalie enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and family, going to the beach and farmer's market, and cooking.

Reach out at or call 424.307.5640

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