Rachel Boyer, M.A., AMFT
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Transcendent Breathwork Practitioner

Rachel graduated from the University of Missouri with a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and a concentration in family systems.  She has worked with many clients over the years who are dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety,  bipolar disorder and especially childhood trauma issues. She has also worked with transgender people dealing with the myriad of issues that come up concerning coming out and transition issues.  Additionally, Rachel has also worked with couples to gain positive and effective communication styles. 

Rachel uses a psychodynamic approach with dealing with issues such as identity, shame, sexuality, and self-worth and has, over the years, come to understand that one’s conception and experience of one’s self is the biggest indicator of a healthy sense of well being and the ability to enjoy authentic connection and relationships with others.  She works with clients to delve into the soul and both recognize the story one tells oneself and how to change that story to create the life that one deserves and wants.  

Rachel takes both psychology and spirituality as a means to facilitate transformation in one’s life through connection with one’s inner self, helping people to gain a positive sense of self-love and worth.  The practice of Breathwork and meditation can also help an individual to gain powerful new insights and experiences about who one is as well as helps to re-write one’s life story. Integrating a true sense of oneself and reducing the negative and limiting beliefs about oneself through these practices can be achieved.  Rachel works as an AMFT under the supervision of Erica Ives, LMFT 34566.

She can be reached at rachel@mindfulpath.com and 213-400-1335.

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