• Walking ON a mindfulpath IS your destination

    one step at a time with honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    If you truly open your eyes, hope is everywhere.

  • Peace comes from love, compassion and connection

    Love can free us from our limits and fears

  • With strong-will and persistence you can forge ahead in even the strongest winds.

    keep looking, keep listening, and keep learning

  • be OPEN and be FREE

    your opportunities are truly limitless

  • Relationships are an integral part of healing

    learn to give AND receive graciously



Emotional gifts of eating disorder recovery, and truly recovery from any type of addiction, may be a strange concept to think of so let me elaborate. When locked in an eating disorder or other addiction, one is partially using food, drugs, substances, alcohol, excessive shopping, gambling, internet, social media and the list goes on, to […]

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RECOVERY and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS | Gifts of Eating Disorder Recovery

The gifts of eating disorder recovery are immense and incredible. In our other two posts on the topic of recovery, we focused on the meaning of GIFTS OF EATING DISORDER RECOVERY and Physical Freedom as a Gift of Eating Disorder Recovery. Eating disorder recovery in regards to relationships can mean the relationship to food, relationship to […]

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Eating Disorder Recovery-Physical Freedom | E.Ives, MFT

 PHYSICAL FREEDOM IN EATING DISORDER RECOVERY Physical freedom as one of the many gifts of eating disorder recovery, are usually the most difficult ones to embrace. In early recovery it often feels more like physical punishment than physical freedom. Having to experience the physical discomfort of one’s changing body can be agonizing. Then on top […]

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