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Navigating all types of relationships during     COVID-19

Erica and Stephanie talk about navigating relationships ( friends, family, significant others, co-workers) during COVID. We talk about communication, boundaries,  and provide tips to support your mental health. 

Addiction, Relapse, & COVID-19

Erica and Stephanie talk about addiction, relapse, and how it is all manifesting during COVID-19.  Watch and share with anyone who might use these valuable tool!

Practicing Everyday Mindfulness

This week on Mindfulpath, Inc.'s All About Mental Health: Ask the Mindfulpath Experts, Erica and Stephanie talked about practicing everyday mindfulness and introduce a few mindfulness skills. 

How to Find a Therapist

Erica and Stephanie talk about finding a therapist. They share things to consider, questions to ask potential therapists, and provide tips to support your mental health. 

Somatic and CBT  Skills to Treat Trauma

Erica and Stephanie demonstrate CBT and Somatic     skills and discuss the value of implementing these skills while we are currently going through COVID19. Watch and share with anyone who might use these valuable tool!

Identifying Mental Health Symptoms and Coping Skills during and after COVID-19

Mindfulpath, Inc.'s Live today was with Erica and Stephanie talking about various mental health symptoms during this pandemic and then started the conversation about coping strategies. Stay tuned next week for part two as they talk more about this important topic! 

Transitioning and integration part one:   Becoming yourself

Rachel shares about the internal processes that need to be addressed when the trans woman begins the journey of transitioning into her real self. It is a journey of self-discovery and becoming secure in who we are!   Rachel draws from both her experience and training as a therapist and from her own process of transitioning into womanhood.

Dangers of dieting, diet culture, and weight stigma

Stephanie and Erica go LIVE and Facebook to discuss the dangers of dieting, diet culture, and weight stigma.

The Heart is not a Gated Community

Jessica LIVE on Facebook and Instagram, talks about meditation, community, loving-kindness, and healing

The Power of Breathwork

Rachel  LIVE on Facebook talk about the voice of your own inner wisdom and freedom from the never-ending chatter of your own ego-mind through transcendence breathwork.

Food Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture

Taryn McPherson, RD, LIVE on Facebook discusses how we can create a food system that nourishes all life on this planet.

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