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Kiley McGill
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Like water, every individual is unique, whole, and complete. Sometimes we have a hard time acknowledging this and embracing who we are. It is in this place we are asked to go inward and begin to understand the patterns that inhibit our growth. 


I utilize a blend of therapeutic approaches, meeting clients where they are, by integrating psychodynamic, mindfulness, and experiential therapy to recognize problems relating to grief, bereavement, anxiety, and multiculturalism. 

Receiving my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, focusing on palliative care and bereavement, I understand how grief “shows up” in all aspects of life and the larger effect it can play on current relationships. Having worked with children /adolescents at UCLA with a terminal illness and traveling to multiple countries to provide aid to families who have experienced significant loss, I understand 


that no one processes grief and or loss in the same way and therefore holds the space necessary to process and work through it all. 


Coming from a racial and culturally diverse background, I strive to work with individuals who struggle with life transitions and self-esteem around multicultural issues such as acculturation, identity development, and family trauma, allowing individuals to recognize the importance of their unique identity. 


Growing up between Los Angeles and Hawaii, the ocean has always been a place where I find peace and solace. Through my own experiential therapy with surfing,  I’ve learned the importance of practicing peace and acceptance in many aspects of life and believe in our power to heal and transform, and the possibility of experiencing life in a new, more expansive way that is more in alignment with your best self.

Kiley is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #124341) and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC #9227), practicing under the supervision of Erica Ives, MFT #34566. 


The space I provide is supportive, honest, and conducive to change. 

She can be reached at and 424-261-4384.

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