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Fitting seamlessly into your workday

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mission statement

To enable mentally healthy workplaces by understanding the unique needs of companies and corporate cultures, and raising awareness of mental health by providing education and supporting strategy developments

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Who utilizes corporate services?

  • Workplaces that understand, accept and embrace mental health, and employees experiencing purpose and pleasure at work.

  • Companies wanting to enhance the experience of their team

  • A shift is needed in the companies culture that can create a dialogue befitting the employees' wellbeing and goals of management.

  • Assist employees with a capacity for more support without the added stressors to their outside life. 

  • Has your professional career not provided you enough time to see a therapist?

  • Does your job carry mental health stigma?


What are the Benefits?

  • A good deal of research has proven that mental health impacts performance in the professional sector.

  • Outside stressors take the focus away from work-oriented tasks throughout the day.


Ways to capitalize through Corporate Services?

  • We offer different options for our Corporate Services that can happen in a pop-up style day event,  monthly, quarterly, or annual event.

  • We also offer Executive Packages.

  • Staff training

  • Staff Wellness DAY

  • Nutrition education

  • Stress reduction

  • Speaking engagements

  • Support for returning to work

  • Telehealth

We have created a very intentional protocol but can also address more specific considerations and work to fulfill specific initiatives.

(one of our more popular packages include)

  • Individual and Conjoint Therapy

  • Nutritionist (cooking class)

  • Yoga

Please inquire for more information

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