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Philosophy of Treatment

Why choose Mindfulpath?
We provide individual, family, and group therapy, nutritional services, experiential and music therapy, case management, yoga, massage, and Reiki. We deal with how you relate to others, pay focus and attention to how you handle stress and manage emotions, help you navigate internal and external discomfort, learn to deal with issues around food and body image, and talk about all things sex, life’s deeper questions, and everything in between.


What is the importance of having all the different services, together?

Many of the elements that impact the wellbeing of all people include the influx of nutrients, information and psychological frameworks that people interpret as the human experience. Groups provide a social community to process and better connect with others, individual sessions hone in on the psychological and emotional needs of the individual, and all of these in one location make accessibility easier. Being such a strong and established team is imperative and as the backbone of providing care, we communicate and are highly collaborative to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Can you tell me more about your mantra? 

This concept comes from our CEO, Erica Ives. It has been her life's mission to resonate with a sacred therapeutic space for clients she cares for. Many have articulated her power and ability at this feat even years after their work was completed with her. We hope that you find it as special as Erica.



Do you utilize insurance?

We are an out of network provider and will offer a superbill for services rendered.

If you are interested in working with our Mindfulpath team, please inquire through the contact page.

How it works

You speak, we listen, and provide a treatment recommendation, and together we collaborate and, finally, create an individualized program to improve your mental health.

What makes Mindfulpath different?

  • A team of experts all in one location​

  • Create packages that work for your lifestyle​

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Appointments available within 24 hours

Multidisciplinary trained staff, flexible scheduling, numerous services, all in one location.

Mindfulpath Philosophy

We lead with love. Humans first, clients second, diagnosis third. We are all about community starting with intention, ending with reflection.

  • You can come to us or we can come to you. Our OFF-SITE Services offer something very different for the lifestyle you live.

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