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Our Groups

Sunday | Coping Skills | 9:30am-10:45am

This is group is facilitated by a different practitioner each week in order to expose individuals to a wide array of coping skills. Some of the skills that will be focused on include, but are not limited to; cognitive behavior therapy skills, dialectical behavioral skills, nutrition, breathwork, yoga, meditation, journaling and creative writing, movement, and grounding exercises.

Sunday | Today's Issues: Teens Helping Teens | 4pm-5pm

This group does not have a rigid structure but instead meets teens where they are at. We discuss topics such as identity, depression, anxiety, bullying, suicide, self-harm, fitting in, sex, friendships, family relationships, social media, and what's next.

Monday | Female Sexual Assault Survivors | 12pm-1:15pm

We know how difficult it is to navigate your way through this horrifying experience, so please know you are in safe hands. In this intimate and supportive group environment, we will process thoughts and feelings surrounding your traumatic experience. Healing together with other women who have been through similar experiences is a powerful way to move forward and build a support system. Erica has extensive experience in treating all types of trauma and a deep understanding and sensitivity surrounding the delicate nature of the topic of sexual assault. 

Wednesday | Health At Every Size, Bariatric Support Group  | 6pm-7pm

This guided, open, psychodynamic 60-minute group is designed to explore the impact of bariatric surgery from a "Health At Every Size" ( ) perspective and explore the relationships members have with family support, food, and body image. More directly, connection to the body, acknowledging hunger cues, and the ability to recognize mindful/intuitive eating and emotional eating patterns while building healthy coping/emotional regulation skills.  This telehealth group is facilitated by Haley Broadaway, AMFT, a HAES pledge member and bariatric surgery recipient (2007).

Thursday | Women's Process Group | 9am-10:15am

Private space to express whatever is on your mind with the comfort of knowing there is a therapist there to help steer the group. Group therapy is a major element whereby you become part of a community, gain insight into your own thoughts and emotions and listen and support others with similar experiences. By listening to others, individuals come to view their situation in a different light allowing peers to provide feedback. Sometimes simply speaking out loud is helpful. This is an adult women's only process group.

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