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Mindfulpath utilizes case management to provide psycho-education learning to gain and use the necessary tools to maintain and further the success of each individual. At Mindfulpath, our case managers will help you...

  • understand your current situation

  • explore the roadblocks you are experiencing

  • become attentive to the whole landscape of your life


Viewing all aspects of one's life, a path will be formulated and the work outlined will assist with the integration of additional services. It is imperative that clients establish a support network outside of therapy through the skills and resources they have gained in therapy. Whether it is understanding what is directly at one's fingertips, or a goal to find a supportive fellowship and develop the confidence to meet the resulting opportunities and prospects with conviction, we will face the journey as a team. 


Mindfulpath’s unique case management care is tailored and specialized to best support, address, and manage the complexities of life. The Mindfulpath case management integration is very individualized and creative.  Here are some examples of Mindfulpath case-management methods:

  • Integrative Voice to Different Providers

  • Meal Support 

  • Shopping Immersive Experiences

  • Allocating Necessary Resources

  • Orchestrating Utilization of Resources  

  • Tutoring

  • Resume Building and Employment Exploration

  • Researching Assistance and Guidance  

  • Chemical Dependency Support

  • Spirituality Coaching

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Outside Referrals (including physical therapy, psychiatric, and specialty doctors)

  • Mentoring

Case Management

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