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The role of an End-of-Life doula (aka "Death Doula") is sacred and personal.  Mindfulpath, Inc. knows that the end-of-life process can be uncomfortable and emotionally difficult. Navigating the process, options, and legacy for an individual and/or family comes with challenges you do not have to face alone.  The End-of-Life doula approach is meant to maximize support while helping prepare individuals and families for the inevitable changes death brings. Our end-of-life doula services will gently guide you through this sensitive territory and illuminate the facts and myths of the dying process. An end-of-life doula can come onto the scene at any stage during the dying/grieving process.  No matter your situation, an End-of-Life Doula can be a powerful advocate and comforting presence.


A Mindfulpath, Inc. End-of-Life Doula can provide the following services to dying individuals and grieving families:


Pre-Death Stage

  1. Advanced care planning, end of life education, and preparation

    1. Formulate a death plan.

    2. Determine/review advance directives.

    3. Discuss funeral or after-death wishes.

    4. Communicate wishes with family/friends.

    5. Legacy project creation.

  2. Post-life-limiting/terminal diagnosis reinforcement

    1. Processing diagnosis and confronting anticipatory grief.

    2. Advocate for desired “quality of life.”

    3. Provide hospice/palliative resources.

    4. Create a vigil plan.

    5. Facilitate relational healing.

    6. Develop family/friend roster (for post-death contact.)


Actively Dying Stage

  1. Arrange visitations for “final-farewells,” death vigil, or living “celebration of life.”

  2. Guided visualizations, referrals to clergy, counselors/therapists, etc., for individuals and family/friends.

  3. Create a planned vigil space.

  4. Staff vigil with hospice/family/friends.

  5. Communicate with the hospice or palliative team.


Post Death Stage

  1. Contact family/friend roster.

  2. As desired follow-up visits with family to discuss vigil, process death, and complete legacy if needed.

  3. Connect family with follow-up grief counseling.

If you are interested in End of Life services, please contact our therapist Haley Broadaway at

End-Of-Life Services

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