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Mindfulpath Inc is proud to provide surf therapy services with Kiley McGill, which utilizes the somatic and mental health benefits surfing provides.  Surfing promotes emotional wellbeing, acts as an alternative or aid to pharmacological therapies, and takes a holistic/somatic approach to treat PTSD, anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, and stress.  Surf therapy is for individuals and groups who desire to take a non-traditional approach to therapy and want to indulge in the psychological power of "Awe."  Allow our trained and capable staff to guide you through a powerful healing journey while experiencing the therapeutic advantages of the ocean.


Since experiential therapy is not necessarily one specific form of treatment, you may find yourself focusing on different types of “hands-on” interventions and experiences in addition to talk therapy...


These experiences use expressive tools and activities, such as

  • Role-playing, acting, psychodrama, and/or the use of props

  • Arts and crafts

  • Music therapy

  • Animal care

  • Guided imagery

  • Or various forms of recreation to re-enact and re-experience emotional situations from past and recent relationships.


The type of experiential therapy will be based on your individual needs, whether it is

  • A meal outing if one suffers from disordered eating or an eating disorder 

  • Possibly a hike together if over-exercise is a problem you face or exercise is a coping skill you want to integrate into your lifestyle

  • Even a specific type of art or poetry therapy


By participating in these interventions with guidance from a therapist, you can gain deeper access to your own emotional processing, creative, inner thoughts, and interactions with others. At the same time, you learn to reflect on your experiences to more comfortably make your own choices and decisions as you move through life and free yourself to become you. Your therapist will focus on your awareness and perceptions of what you are experiencing through these interventions, and help you explore the meaning of your emotions. Conversations with your therapist may take place while you are performing the activity or in a private therapy session. You can connect with Kiley at

Surf & Experiential Therapy

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