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​Mindfulpath group therapy is a transformative experience that provides a place to connect, heal, and grow...

There are many benefits of group therapy at Mindfulpath, including an opportunity for clients to share their experiences alongside others, supporting each other in healing. Group therapy provides a safe space for clients to find their voice and relate to others in a healthy way.  Many people suffer in silence, but through group therapy, clients can begin to realize that they are not alone, and through the leadership of our therapists learn important tools to process emotions and change their lives for the better.

  • Here at Mindfulpath, our groups are all facilitated by our trained therapists in order for clients to gain the insight of a therapist in addition to their peers. 

  • We offer groups on a variety of topics in order to meet our client’s needs. 

  • All of the groups are kept to 6-8 clients in order for clients to receive the care and attention they deserve. 

  • Group therapy works well with our other treatment options, including in conjunction with individual therapy.  

See our community page for available groups.

Group Therapy

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