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Imagine group therapy on stimulants...

So- often individual therapy is helpful, but maybe more support and structure can provide the substantial insight needed for more significant breakthroughs. The opportunity of intensives is to make available the resources, ones that Mindfulpath utilizes at a greater expanse, while also focusing a collective group of participants toward confounding their own progress in a more influential way. One will become a deeper part of their cohorts' healing while also being able to gain insight through the power of the group. Work will be assigned through break out groups, experiential sessions, meditation, mindfulness, process groups, and individual sessions. As part of registering we will screen all individuals interested in attending and select a milieu of like-minded seekers to impart on their healing journey.

Making real change is sometimes not as easy as we might hope. If other therapy attempts, medications, and other efforts to change haven't brought the desired effect, you may want to try the more intensive treatment. This level of work seems most appropriate for chronic relationship problems, a lack of enjoyment and involvement in life, a deep desire for self-growth and renewal, and childhood problems that impact adult life. Its the best therapeutic approach for getting to the root of problems, and making long-lasting, permanent changes.


Our intensive programs with education, group counseling, psychodrama, and mindfulness activities are hosted on the following issues:

  • Conflict in relationships

  • Co-dependency

  • Communication skills training

  • Understanding cycles of depression and anxiety

  • Struggles with transitions

  • Healing trauma

  • Parenting challenges

  • Addiction and Relapse Prevention

  • Grief and loss issues

  • Forgiveness for self and others


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