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Mindfulpath intervention begins with a phone screening where we will begin to understand the problem and who is being affected. We create a timeline to execute a plan that will create substantial & healthy change for the identified patient while understanding more thoroughly the environment and history. Our team will join in the fight with your team of loved ones to create a path and system...


Intervening on a loved one can be a difficult and daunting task. Many times we find that our best intentions have left us feeling overwhelmed or unable to satisfactorily necessitate enough change in our loved one's lives. This can be due to many reasons. Oftentimes our proximity to the problem leaves us emotionally charged, and can inhibit our ability to be the most effective in our attempts to aid in the situation.


Mindfulpath introduces the most impactful means for change within the system of the affected individual to ameliorate much of the resistance that has previously stood in the way of success. Introducing our team will provide an objective lens to navigate the plan and oversight of the intervention while allowing the family to instigate the healing.  Each system around the suffering individual will have its' own unique nuances that will need to be accounted for. These details are important, but stabilization is the goal.


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