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Sometimes, heading into an office, no matter how relaxed, can raise one's anxiety levels and inhibit therapy. People are naturally more relaxed “at home”. Other beneficial aspects of virtual therapy include...







Mindfulpath Telehealth or Mindfulpath Teletherapy also known as online therapy,  e-therapy, e-counseling, or cyber-counseling, is a fairly new development in mental health in which a therapist or counselor provides psychological advice and support over the internet. ​


As a consumer, in some cases it may be difficult to tell whether an online therapy service is credible, reputable, or safe to use. This is where it is important to do some research and insist on evidence of proper credentials and HIPAA compliance. The experience of online therapy is apparently a reinforcing one; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a rapidly expanding means of providing and receiving therapy. I believe each individual must decide if teletherapy is the right fit for them, either as a consumer or a provider. There is certainly more to say about this emerging field


Of course, there are disadvantages—perhaps the most notable being technological glitches such as inconsistency in internet connection strength or problems with the video chat platform. Understandably, frozen screens, echoing, low-resolution video feeds, and dropped calls are not conducive to the therapeutic experience. Internet strength, weather, and other variables all play a role in disruptions, and this is undeniably a con on both sides. 

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