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Mindfulpath Yoga is, at its core, an opportunity to connect on a deep and meaningful level.  It’s a chance for the student to come to their mat and connect the mind and body, linking breath to movement in a healing way.  Yoga is an opportunity to practice self-care, being aware of how the body is feeling, and respecting what it needs at that very moment. 


It can be difficult to build a connection with the physical body.   Mindfulpath yoga offers an opportunity to be supported in this journey.  A positive relationship to the physical body can be difficult for a variety of reasons, and our instructors will gently guild students, regardless if this is your first yoga class or you’ve been practicing for years, into a deeper relationship with yourself through the yoga practice.  


At Mindfulpath, we offer PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE (under 5 people) yoga classes via telehealth, in-home, or outdoors. Please contact for more information. 


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