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Constant Strive For Thinness

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The relentless pressure to be thin- the portrayal of underweight airbrushed women as desirable or successful.

So many are convinced that being thin will bring the ultimate happiness. Spending the waking moments examining one's body first thing when they walks into the bathroom in the morning. Possibly stepping on the scale to challenge or confirm what they believe they have just seen in the mirror.

“thinness” as the determining factor of one's mood, actions, and interactions for the day.

Not weighing the exact magical number or disliking your physical appearance may make you sad, uncomfortable, self-conscious, and even fearful. But the belief that being thin and losing those extra pounds will give you a magical new life prevents you from living now, today, in this moment. You may spend so much of your time criticizing yourself and imagining how thin you should be, that those close to you even begin to miss out on really being with you. Even if and when you actually lose those few pounds, it is easy to go right into wanting something else or wanting more, to be thinner. Then the obsession shifts to what you will have to do to stay thin. Is it truly ever enough? Will you ever be thin enough? Are you willing to let life pass you by and allowing your preoccupation with how you perceive your body take up your valuable time? This constant strive for perfection may prevent you from truly finding out what really brings you happiness and peace of mind.

Today, just for a moment, practice taking a deep breath, Inhaling life and freedom and exhaling self-criticism and self-judgment. Think of a place that brings you joy, a relationship that makes you smile. You deserve that and so do those who love you. Practicing this on a daily basis will provide the greatest opportunity for ultimate happiness, which is so much greater than being thin enough today.

All my best,


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