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My Part of the Path: The Mindfulpath |Diana Beck

I love what I do. I love my cat Sam. I love collecting seashells on the beach. And I love a good sunset.

Being a therapist has turned out to be a thousand times more incredible than I could have imagined when I entered the mental health field about 10 years ago. Each day is new and dynamic. I learn something from each client that I work with.  I truly value my experience as a learner and as an educator.

Mindfulpath - Diana Beck
Mindfulpath - Diana Beck

My style is comprehensive and integrative. I pride myself in being able to assess your needs and then meeting you where you are. I am skilled at creating a warm, nurturing environment where you will be able to explore sensitive and challenging thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This will enable you to become more aware of the subtleties in your behavior that are contributing to unsatisfactory choices and outcomes in your life. I will help you draw connections between mind and body, which will empower your ability to foster your own inner growth and understanding of self.

Corrective emotional experiences are all around us. They’re in the ocean water, they’re in the salt air, they’re in the laughter you share with friends, and they’re in early morning walks with a cup of coffee. If you’re open to challenging yourself and changing aspects of your life, then please reach out to me. Together we will work through your confusion and pain and then use this as a testament of your strength. 

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