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Awarded 1 of 60 Best Mental Health Blogs | Mindfulpath Blog

We are delighted to share that Mindfulpath has received an award as 1 of the 60 Best Mental Health blogs by Expertido. This award came as a surprise and we are so excited to share this wonderful news with you all.

Our blog is an important part of Mindfulpath and we spend a great deal of time and pour immense passion into each blog written. The Mindfulpath blog shares a wide array of topics and it is a platform through which to spread mental health awareness. We proudly show our badge as one of the “60 Best Mental Health Blogs - Complete List of Top Mental Health Blogs 2019” from the website Expertido, who has reviewed and awarded our blog as one of the “best mental health blogs out there”. So, from now on their exclusive seal will be also on our website.

Expertido awards Mindfulpath as 1 of the 60 Best Mental Health Blogs of 2019
Expertido awards Mindfulpath as 1 of the 60 Best Mental Health Blogs of 2019

We want to take the time to say thank you to all of our supporters and encourage you to keep coming back for new and informative content. Your input is invaluable so if there is a particular topic you would be interested in Mindfulpath writing about, please contact us to provide us with more information. We write about mental health topics and relevant current events.

Thank you for trusting us and choosing our Mindfulpath Blog as one of the best mental health blogs. We are proud to be included in the same list where the very best and recognized mental health blogs are featured!

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