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Bah Humbug to New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

New Year, New You!! Get the relationship you have always wanted! Get fit in the first 30 days of the new year! 2019 smells like money and the best life I've ever lived! I will stop eating sugar and completely detox my body! I am going to go the gym everyday! No more social media!!

How many times have you heard these New Year's Resolutions or even made them yourself? Come on now, we all are guilty of it at some point. More importantly though, is how much more frequently do we break these New Year's Resolutions. So many get discouraged and then quit, which is followed by feelings of shame or guilt when we inevitably "failed." A study from the University of Scranton followed 200 people who made New Year's Resolutions over a period of two-years. After one week, 77% kept their resolutions, 64% after a month, 50% after 3 months, and 46% after 6 months. Only 19% actually reached their initial goal after a two-year period. So, about 20% succeeded and the other 80% "failed." Clearly a few, who are actually prepared to make lasting changes, will benefit from those New Year's Resolutions. So what is the alternative for the other 80 percent?

1. Create realistic expectations or try to not have any expectations at all.

2. Break your goal down into smaller and more reasonable steps.

3. Create a plan if things turn out differently than planned.

4. Give yourself a timeline that includes some flexibility.

5. Be kind to yourself as you incorporate changes. There is no perfect!

Goals are so important, but when we become too rigid, it becomes more difficult to meet them. Set yourself up to succeed this year by reflecting on 2018 and setting a mindful intention rather than a rigid goal.

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