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Help at Mindfulpath When Your Life Becomes Unmanageable | Will Schofield

Life can easily become unmanageable, overwhelming, and difficult. With an even larger assumption and acuity to be within an arms reach at all times, it is understandable that the precipitating stress can subdue our ability to remain task oriented at times. The new normal of technology can interfere and interrupt our flow of executing daily tasks, not to mention the enduring itch to check what's the latest on your news and Instagram feed. Whether or not this may be true for you, many people find that managing our lives can be difficult. There are many moving pieces to consider when planning our schedules, managing appointments, family functions, public records and to top it off, finding additional referrals for resources.

My initiative is to assist in the process of managing and helping individuals with their lives. I get to meet people where they are, yes, even in public spaces to conduct sessions and approach my work hands- on. There is always a hurdle, but the ability to have help in taking those leaps, and training the brain to execute functions through developing the proper systems are extremely alleviating. At Mindfulpath Inc, I like to think that I get to be everyone’s personal life assistant for while we are meeting to assess the needs, goal, and hopes for their lives through a solution-focused, and strengths-based model.

In addition, I am also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Recovery Coach. You may or may not know you have a problem, possibly this is something that a loved one has referred you to investigate.

We will be able to uncover components of your lifestyle to understand what is occurring while also providing the tools and psycho-education to motivate, initiate, and provide growth in a positive direction. I work with all kinds of people, even those wanting to pursue a non 12-Step based path and would love to speak about initiating personal growth. Feel free to reach out to our team for many of the therapeutic and complementary services that we offer within our amazing team here at Mindfulpath Inc.

With gratitude,

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