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TRANSGENDER WOMEN: the multi-dimensional process of transition, integration, and empowerment

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hello, my name is Rachel Boyer, and I am a Trans Woman and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I work with individuals to explore the rich and layered fabric of identity, sexuality, relationships and dating, gender and self-love. I am here to stand with you as you transition into who you are; your beautiful and feminine self.

The transition and integration process can be seen as a three-dimensional process. The first being internal transition and integration. This process involves identity at the core of who we are as well as taking a deep dive into feminine ways of being and knowing. Here, you will learn to make peace with all your parts and all your past. This internal journey explores and brings clarity and freedom to the layers of shame, guilt, fear, and other psychic forces that bind up your ability to be your authentic self.

The second dimension is the interpersonal arena. Here we learn to have compassion for ourselves as we venture into relationships with others from the position of inner confidence as women. We learn about ourselves, our needs, and our vulnerabilities through relationships.

The third dimension of transition is our integration into society at large as women. Here we discover our power as women and find our place in society as contributors to the greater good.

Throughout the therapeutic process, I create a safe space where you can fully express where you are at in this journey and express your struggles and strengths. Therapy provides an opportunity to gain personal empowerment and helpful insight into your journey and also become a beacon of light to your sisters. At Mindfulpath, we will help you to fall in love with yourself and fall in love with life, both proud and grateful for your unique status as a trans woman.

Join me for our transgender women's support group at Mindfulpath.

For more information, please contact me at or call at 424.307.5640

All my best,

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